Catch up

I’ve been a bit hit and miss in my ability to make Shire events (something I hope to remedy when other stuff starts to calm down) but, as luck would have it, the household have been nicely busy.   In the SCA a household is a completely unofficial group, they can be as formal or informal as they wish and serve whatever function the house wishes it to serve.   The idea of a household is irresistible to me, spending time with my friends chatting, cooking and eating together while crafting things has always been my idea of the best way to spend a day.

The household is headed by Aodh Ó Siadhail and Agnes (Nessa) La Verte in the Shire of Dun in Mara, who have returned to the Known World after an absence of some years.  Aodh and Nessa snagged Cassandra della Corona, the new Seneschal of Dun in Mara, and Ingrid for  the house.  Even though we’re in the Shire of Eplaheimr,  Gytha O’Bhanain, Tuathal Caomhánach and I were easily persuaded to thrown our lot in, and Art, Aoife the Death Bringer and Louise the Tormenter followed in our wake.

We’ve been focusing a lot on garb making for the moment, as many of us had no pre-existing garb, and (in my case at least) no clue how to make some, all with an upcoming event to aim for.  Cassandra is rather spectacularly good at this garb making business and is very kindly not killing the rest of us teaching the rest of us.  With her help I made a pattern, just for me! It made me kind of regret not doing Home Economics.. well for about 20 minutes.    Gytha and I had been given fabric by the very generous Viscountess Susannah of York at an Eplaheimr Arts and Sciences night,  so I had the necessary fabric to start work on a grey velvet and patterned name-escapes-me-right-now-other-fabric dress.  Every household needs a grey lady, just ask at Glamis CastleRufford Old Hall, Denbigh Castle and Bishops Stortford, (or JK Rowling).  I used a sewing machine.  I suspect medieval folk and I would have shared a belief in there being Dark Arts behind sewing machines, but it turns out they’re sort of satisfying to use and I’d rather like one.   

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