Medieval Dead II

The rest of the small town hosting Eplahemr’s The Medieval Dead II carried on with their usual weekend activities  unaware that Clara House, at its very heart, was crawling with the bedeviled souls of plague victims, zombies, valkyries and draugar.  Saturday morning dawned crisp and clear and archers assembled with fevered hope that we might suppress the savage onslaught of the Nachzehrer, struggling with tooth and rotting bone through the crumbling earth to claw their way to us.  (Challenge one, cardboard faces lain in a group on the grass)  The sharp wind gathered, and sought to snatch arrows from their deadly paths, and so Art was one of the few to strike true.  Noone was successful trying to strike the fell heart of the second challenge.  Most of us fell to terrible plague on the third challenge, as the newly risen Nachzehrer rushed toward us.  Tuathal survived and scored a resounding strike as his allotted target sought his living flesh..   (Challenge three, a clever contrivance where yet more cardboard faces were made to pop up by pulling a string at intervals, the further away carrying the highest score.)    I fell without a fight, but Tuathal managed to survive the onslaught and the deadly infection.    Most archers returned to the hall for lunch, their lives and humanity sloughing from them at every step.. 

Okay I think you get the idea.  I missed the sword fights against draugar in the woods as I did a short stint in the kitchen and was trying to work on my dress.  Plague started to fell us, one by one, marking its passing with distressing wounds, pallor and and terrible boils. I was supposed to be in a themed costume for the feast, but work had been mental with lots of overtime and I had spent rather too long on creating a wolf mask for Art which he went and promptly lost at scouts at Hallowe’en.  Remind me to tell you about my research on werewolves in Medieval Ireland!   I ended up borrowing garb again and muddling through.  I have very clear ideas about next Medieval Dead and will make sure I have them all done and documented well in advance, this is a *great* event, and well worth the effort.   The costumes were amazing.  Where costume and performance were married the effect was particularly memorable;  Master Sigmundr Haakonarsonm was wonderful presiding over the evening and Nessa La Verte’s fantastic performance of a prophecy of the valkyries from Njal’s Saga concerning death of Brian Boru and Baron Etienne Fevre de Dion’s quest for brains stole the show for me.    Cassanda’s fantastic latex boils quite put Art off his dinner.  Not me though, Viscountess Susannah of York’s Feast was a truly wonderful affair, all of it are recipes I would love to try my hand at in the future.  

We had full household attendance, which was fantastic, though poor Gytha ended up more away than there which was a great pity.   Her daughter picked up a prize for her first A&S project and Cassandra also received a prize for her plague mask.  Tuathal was beyond happy to win the archery prize, his ambition to become a notable archer have taken a sizeable boost, as has Art’s.   Nessa took the bardic (scary) prize, and as a result we feel like a hghly accomplished household.   I just need to get my behind in gear and start working on my A&S, and I’ve really been bitten by the archery bug.  Or maybe that was a plague rat.. 

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