Frytour of erbes (Herb fritters)

I want to make these tomorrow, time allowing.  To me they read like a cross between fritters and doughnuts and are dated to 14th century England.  I’m going to make a little batch using gluten free flour for Art, but my suspicion is that gluten free flour and yeast do not play well together.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained though..  I’m looking forward to chopping up all the fresh herbs, I love the smell and the intense green.  

Frytour of erbes from Forme of Cury

Take gode erbys; grynde hem and medle hem with flour and water, & a lytel yest, and salt, and frye hem in oyle. And ete hem with clere honey.


Take good herbs; grind them and mix them with flour and water, & a little yeast, and salt, and fry them in oil. And eat them with clear honey. 

 I has intended buying a few pots of fresh herbs in the shopping tomorrow anyway, I think oodles of parsley and chives for starters any way.   I’m going to modify the honey dip and throw some melted butter into it as it makes good sauce for pies and Gytha and I were talking about this recently.  I think these would be nice with ham and peas… maybe a red onion relish?

So recipe, lets see..

  • A large handful of chopped herbs (I’ll see what I can get),
  • 1/2 kilo of flour 
  • dried yeast packet made up in tepid water, will need to check the instructions, and pour to make a thick batter or very sloppy dough consistency
  • decent pinch of salt

Mix the whole lot up and leave to do that marvellous growing thing then fry spoons of it in hot oil. 

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