Contributing to the Household identity

The Household have been chatting a bit about some designs that we like and associate with the House of Green.  Green is kind of obvious in itself, and I intend making up some table goods in a suitable green colour, in fact I’m hoping it might be one of my early dying projects.  Of course I’ve discovered in preliminary dying research that green is actually quite a difficult colour to achieve, which surprised me.  (I still hope someday to acquire a green velvet court dress all the same)


We’ve also chosen Ivy leaves as significant to our Household, and so I decided to have a go at making a banner, for the hell of it.  I made it with felt (totally period. Except mine was acrylic felt and definitely not naturally dyed, but this is a fun project, whist!) I stitched in leaf veins and used embroidery  thread to help with the ivy tendrils.  The ivy leaf design came out better than I expected, I just need to finish off the banner itself now.

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