Ink and Paint..

I decided to have another go at drawing with ink, and this time decided to try some gouache paints as well.  Nessa has some great photos images from Flaming Arrow.    I’ve been mucking about with “portraits” of the Household for a while and she suggested having a go at creating something with Prince Vitus Polonius and Princess Isabel Peregrinus with the Coronet Tournament coming up.

This is the original photo (again posted here with Nessa‘s kind permission)


and this is the finished copy


I wasn’t at all happy with the border, and the faces look unfinished –  I really need to do some proper Illumination classes and figure out how best to approach proper medieval style borders – but the figures came out pretty well and I really enjoyed the painting process.  I just need to figure out how to make myself START these things.  Once they’re in progress they’re fun and addictive, but starting is a curse.

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