Here be dragons…


My cousin got married the May Bank Holiday weekend, the week leading up to it  was an eventful week and I ended up helping out making some icing roses for the wedding cake.  I’ve done a little bit of sugarcraft stuff in the past as my parents have iced a few wedding cakes over the years for friends and family.  After the roses were done my aunt had quite a bit of sugar paste left, and was happy for me to take it away and mess about with it instead of consigning it to the bin.   As it turned out the sugar paste was left for longer than was ideal as I tried to catch up with myself after the wedding, but I had a go at making a dragon the following weekend.

Dragon, Mark I

photo (1)At this point the sugar paste got flaky and weird, and as it dried out the head fell off.  Not what most dragons aspire to, death wise.  Important lessons:
1) work with sugar paste only in prime condition
2) use something under the sugarpaste to support it better and keep heads firmly attached.


The Coronet Tourney was fast approaching and I’d already offered Aodh (feastocrat for Coronet) a dragon.  I couldn’t make it to Coronet myself, but I was sending pies so I decided to have another go at a dragon.   A headless dragon didn’t seem like the best of omens to send along..  I had to go with shop bought, not-at-all- period sugar paste with a promise to myself that I will be make my own with a period recipe next time I have a go at this stuff.   I made a rough wire shape and got going with black icing, which smelled like play dough and was not particularly nice to shape.  The crown under his claw didn’t come out terribly well, but overall I was pleased enough to send it off to Coronet to represent me 🙂

Dragon Mark II




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