Teaching young men to make roses

Okay, one young man. Art was looking for something to do this evening so we made gingerbread. We were talking about some chocolate plastique roses I made in the past, turns out he was very taken with them at the time, and jealous that they went off on a cake for someone who wasn’t him. I can remember having very similar feelings when rather fabulous things my mother made left the house. I offered to teach him to make some icing roses, and he jumped at the chance.

First I got him to mix some yellow icing and then to take some of that and make paler lumps. He had to roll a core and flatten some balls into petals as thin as possible. His sizing was a bit over the place, but his flattening was enthusiastic and effective 🙂


That done, he had to roll the petal around he core, tucking the next petal under the end of the previous one 20130623-222900.jpg
He graduated the colour change from darkest to lightest as he moved from the centre

So pleased with his newly acquired skill he stuck with it for a whole 3 roses! 20130623-223053.jpg

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