The spine grumbling weekend..

This weekend the plan had been for the three of us to head to Hints of History, a demo in Russborough House I was really looking forward to. The weather has been beautiful and I can imagine everyone has had a fantastic time SCAing at a beautiful site, outdoor cooking on a beautiful night.. Sigh.. Stupid spine.

To make up for it I’ve been trying, in fits and starts, to get some of our own stuff done.
Art went to a clay working demo yesterday and loved it, it has only increased his desire to try pottery so I think that needs to get sorted sooner rather than later.

I’ve started to mordant the next wool batches, soaking the weld and hot soaking the logwood overnight. The boiling water turned an immensely satisfying shade of purple the instant it hit the dried logwood and the red tinged wood chips swirling about in the deep purple is very attractive. The weld was less of an instant impact, there’s just a trace of a greeny yellow.

I’ve been meaning to replace the “temporary” fox image on this blog for a while, the problem is I don’t know what to replace it with. I want to try and ink one myself, but I also want something that the mistakes won’t scream out at me every time I see it myself. I downloaded the eCodices app for iPad and have been looking through the illuminated examples in that to get some inspirations. ECodices is the Virtual Manuscript library of Switzerland and can be found at I’m starting to work on laying out scrolls and trying to pick up some ideas for those with this too. I started working on a piece from the Pontificale Murense of 1508. First mistake I used too dark a pencil to sketch out the swirls and lobes because I wasn’t confident of going straight to ink, I think next time I will try only he barest guidelines for shape and height and just try inking straight on. I wasn’t at all convinced at this point:


But I was a bit happier when I started trying to add white details, which I had been noticing (and admiring greatly) on SCA scrolls and were evident in the original manuscript I was taking ideas from.

The bells didn’t come out at all as I would have liked, but I’m glad I stuck with it as a practice piece.



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