Bringing my embroidery knowledge back in time..

I moved to the country aged 11 and discovered that country kids did fabric crafts in school on a Friday, or at least they did at the girls school I suddenly found myself in after years of mixed school in Dublin.  The other girls had been doing this for quite some time, so where I was learning to cast on stitches and the basics of plain and purl they were creating actual wearable items.  (I did get a scarf out of it, with just a couple of holes).  When it came to crochet I learned how to make a chain and stared in helpless confusion at the gap between that and some of the stuff the others were doing.  At that stage the teacher and I came to an agreement that I’d quietly teach myself embroidery instead.

I liked embroidery, as it turned out and I wasn’t dreadful at it.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into it, as it’s a nice portable,  doesn’t matter where you pick up and leave off sort of project.   I was thinking of picking up a kit to work on when I was in Abakhan, but they were mostly cross stitch and it wasn’t what I had in mind.  The kit they did have was lovely but I wasn’t at all sure if the stitches were period or not.  I decided I’d be better off working on a custom something and starting with what I would need to find as the basic medieval stitches.   I found this:  “Five Period Embroidery Stitches” by Jane Stockton, Barony of Mordenvale, Kingdom of Lochac which has great clear figures of each of the stitches and lots of practice examples.  So that should keep me going for a while.  

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