Things that prevent posting

Some days I start to write a post.  It’s going pretty well but suddenly this thought runs, arms waving and voice raised, across the front of my brain: You should make a static home page! I may keep typing for a couple of lines and then I decide that maybe it would be a good idea, tidy things up a bit.  I mean this blog has been tasters of all sorts of stuff, surely by now I should stream things a bit.. I could make a nice menu, create icons. Suddenly there is an army of ideas running cheerleader-esque about my brain and it gets… complicated.   Sometimes I save the draft of what I was typing (*looks at the number of unfinished drafts and sighs*), sometimes I stop altogether and open *that* page again.  And then I faff about for ages, try to find images, decide I’d be better making some of my own, come back around to thinking that won’t work after some attempts and then just stare into the mess that is another unfinished attempt.  In the mean time I don’t write up the recipes that I’ve tried for dyes or food.  Having confessed this I am hoping I may just get back to posting again and stop worrying about a bigger picture til I can kill the cheerleader stray thoughts and actually plan it properly.

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