More interesting reasons for not posting regularly..

I am running my first event soon.  It’s been keeping me scheming and busy.  There’s just under three weeks to go and I’m at the excited, “everything is going to be so much fun” stage.  I suspect the “Oh NO, what did I do” stage will kick in, followed closely by blind panic, but right now it’s a about the buzz of possibilities, the lists to remind myself what stuff needs to be checked out or done before it’s too late, and Facebook posts to keep the event in everyone’s mind.  

As it’s a small event I’m also keeping an eye on the reservations, it’s nice to see the names rolling in and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a good, healthy event, complete with newbies.   Which brings me to the title of this post – my moments to dash off related sentences tend to be directed to the potential event staff I’ve been tracking down, my lovely volunteers, the newbies wondering what an event is like and of course the House of Green who are wonderful and helping me out with time, ideas and experience.  There will be more posts  to follow, as I already have LOTS to put in a Beginner’s Guide to Running an Event.  I’m rather hoping one won’t be “Oh NO, what did I do!!”

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