Archery, archery, archery, archery, archery…

It’s Monday.  All that horrible Monday stuff is happening, causing that grey bleaaghhh feeling of despondency.  It’s not quite enough to smother over the happy internal voice that is alternating between singing “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie I went to with C2 on Saturday and the bouncy “Archery, archery, archery, archery, archery, archery!” I’ve had since yesterday afternoon.

photo 1I think I mentioned before that my wonderful friends gave me a long bow and arrows for my birthday. Because, you know, awesome!!!  I love my bow so much I’m not completely joking when I hug it, but I haven’t *quite* got to the stage of hissing “my presccciooouss” as I do so. Unfortunately not long after I got my bow I did my back in again, so I only got to try it out properly yesterday at Thora and Mícheal’s.

I’ll be honest, I sucked.  I was awful, until I wasn’t quite so much anymore.  I still loved it.  I’ve never used a bow that didn’t have an arrow rest before, so I was using my hand, with arrow lined up exactly in line.  I tore the knuckle off myself which I didn’t even know was an archery injury til now! Alays gave me great advice on nocking the arrow properly and I started sucking a little less and stopped skinning my knuckle.    I’ve always used light little bows as they were what we had to hand, so it took a bit of getting used to the much heavier pull and I was more than a little timid with it in the beginning.  Gytha, on the other hand, used it a few times, got impressive pull on it and was the complete opposite of my terrible suckiness.  She still can’t have it, even if she does reckon it likes her better 🙂

targetOnce I stopped a) fumbling with the arrows so much, b)  overanalysing what I was doing in the nocking and drawing process and c) being so nervous of the pull I was doing okay.  There are few things as satisfying as that solid thump you get when you hit the target, even more so when you hit it somewhere meaningful.   I loved the sound of the arrows swishing off and thudding heavily into the target.  After a while you can hear the ones that go wonky and you can certainly tell when you loose a bad shot just by the feel of it.   Mícheal and I stayed out over an hour and a half, til the light started to go and the cold was really making it’s presence felt.  Now of course all I want to do is go out and do some more.

Also, we had quail, and it was yummy.

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