Art and a little bit of medieval sweetness.

Art had big plans for Champions of the Court of Love, he intended making *all the sweets in the world* and having a stand at the event.  Art is 11.  His mother was event stewarding.  We compromised on a smaller project after he decided to finally get stuck in, and he created a small selection of sweets as an A&S project instead. He ended up choosing to make some small sugarpaste roses, some baked marchpane hearts (some coloured with saunders – as he said himself  “next time,  less rose water!”)  and heathen peas because he enjoyed making them with me the last time I made a batch for Lady Cassandra della Corona.  The Heathen peas ended up less sticky than anytime I’ve made them. I’m not quite sure what the difference was since the recipe is very easy, but I suspect we didn’t heat the honey is as much as I would for mine as I was conscious of him rolling the hot almonds.  They still tasted good, and he tossed them in a little ginger and icing sugar to firm them up a little.


I was really pleased with how he stuck with it once he did start, especially with his roses which can be finicky and take up more time than you think a little thing like that should.  He was delighted with himself when he saw them all laid out and then promptly lost interest, even to the point of almost forgetting to bring them to the event.  He remembered quick enough when he noticed the display table of course, and went to check how the voting was going a few times.  I had one very happy young man at the end of the evening as he and Alison of Canterbury were announced as the winners of the A&S competition (by populace vote)

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