An idea in a crisp, candy shell….

Dun in Mara were running Festival of Fools in Clara this June bank holiday weekend. I have known since it was announced that I wasn’t going to be able to make it, having a preexisting appointment with about 650 kids on a mountain (oh okay, there were other scout leaders there too). The event announcement encouraged all to enter something from history that made them “think back with a smile.. or a snigger”. I was aware of a few other elements to the event – the masked ball and the peacock competition between the Lady Cassandra dells Corona and Lord Duncan Chaucer – so I started to work on a sugarpaste mask with an albino peacock that I hoped to get ready for the event to send in my absence. I’ve always found the plot motif that a tiny mask could conceal the identity of a spouse to be just a little snigger worthy, at least where some admission of feeling (love or loathing) for the masked one was given.

20140603-091841I didn’t get it finished in time, it needs more feathers and substance, the rough edges need cleaning up and generally more definition, I need to add just the touches of colour and gold to lift it and some wire head feathers.  The gilding on the mask I bought to support it was, frankly, dreadful.  I half suspected it might not work as the surface wasn’t exactly a paper finish but at this stage I’m just completing it to amuse myself and it will probably dry hard enough not to need it.   I’m posting these as my “day 1” photos, I will add the completed photo to this post when it’s done.



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