A short note about garb preparation


I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Gytha I’d be in serious bother.  Garb making seems to be the ultimate trigger from every horrible procrastinating tendency in my body, and I have more than my fair share of those to begin with.   It’s not that I dislike it, in truth I find hand sewing quite relaxing, I just find starting out really daunting.  Gytha kindly made us some hoods, I’m busily handsewing the lining into mine and I hope to embroider it with ivy leaves while at Raglan (starting before that with so much to do would be a whole new form of insanity, even for me.  She also made Art a bog shirt like this one which I’m just finishing the trim on.  I find that now that I’ve started actually sewing the rest doesn’t seem so impossible.  

I have one whole cotehardie style dress to my name, the one I frantically was working on for Coronet on the way to Caerphilly castle that the Lady Cassandra was helping me with.  I sewed up another pale green linen one a while ago but there just wasn’t enough fabric so I took it apart again last night so I can to a half and half green and black since I am hoping my device (when I finally get around to actually registering the thing) will be half and half black and green background.  I finally worked up the guts to cut my lovely red linen to make another, I will probably run up the unseen seams on a sewing machine and hand finish it, assuming I haven’t botched the cutting.    

Why all the garb making? Because I’m going to Ffair Rhaglen X and it is stupidly close now.  


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