More practice in progress



I volunteered to do a little illumination at a Dun in Mara demo which happened to be running at a games convention Tuathal and I attend every year anyway (Gaelcon), so I needed a practice piece.  I have completely and utterly failed to remember where I got the piece I based this one on, so I’ll have to do a search about later to see if I can dig it out.  I used the extremely noxious liquid gild at home before ever I got there, I didn’t want to get thrown out of the hall for causing headaches or other only imagined side effects.   It utterly fails at being “bling” enough, I wouldn’t bother with it again, the leaf gold, even the fake stuff, makes some much more impact. 20141110-001751.jpg


The reason I went for this was really this little guy, some sort of Cthulhu/ Luck Dragon cross I think.  20141110-001800.jpgI was also trying to figure out how much finer my brushes need to be.  Answer: finer still, but heading in the right direction.


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