T is for thank you..

20150103-233425.jpgThe really strange thing about a digital photo of a piece you’ve been working on is that you can really quickly see the mistakes you’ve made.  I got myself all in a fluster with this one forgetting where the lines “bundled” (and the thin cross bars should be conjoining) and I still couldn’t really see it with pen in hand.  Now, with the digital version, I can see exactly what should have matched up with what. Clearly I need to take digital photos of the work in progress so I can keep track of the mistakes before I publish them. 🙂  I also need to do pen drills to get a smoother running line, definitely need to practice pen control.

But I digress.  I saw a photo of the original piece the above is based on very soon after I joined the “SCA scribes” group on Facebook.  This is a letter T from a calligraphy book written in 1592 by John Scottowe, currently held by the Newberry library in Chicago.   It is an example of a cadel initial, or lettre cadeau and the first time I came across this style was in a Calligraphy class given by Mistress Melisende FitzWalter.   I have two reasons in particular to thank Mistress Melisende; she asked me to be her student for the next year (!!!) and she gifted me with an A3 workstation, which I was happily working on this evening to try and shake the chocolate and Christmas lie on induced lethargy I’ve been struggling with the past little while.  (Who needs gilding when you have gold tinsel and fairy lights).  I can’t even begin to say how pleased I am; Mistress Melisende’s work is spectacular and I am really looking forward to learning from her.  Of course this means I have to knuckle down and produce some actual work!

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