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I recently attended Court of Love, this year without any specific job to do which I enjoyed.  I got to see what it was like to attend an event without worrying about anything at all, just enjoying the activities and talking to people.  I had a spectacular multi-day migraine in the run up to the event so this very fun, relaxing event was really well timed.  The event itself was lovely, full of archery as is becoming so fashionable at Lough Devnaree events.  Viscountess Susannah taught dancing again this year, which is always great to watch even if you can’t participate.  I did a little painting and sang “My thing is my own” with the Viscountess, Alice de la Wood, Christine Bess Duvaunt and Gytha, which was enormous fun even though it involved singing in front of people.  Weird, eh? Lady Christine, our beloved Chantelle,  was apprenticed to Mistress Rogned Steingrimovna at the event, just before she cruelly forsook us to return to her native New Zealand and the Kingdom of Lohac.

Two years ago I made medieval inks for the event’s A&S competition, something I was reminded of a couple of weeks ago, and as I am due to attend Mistress Melisende’s Scriptorium this coming weekend I dug out my research and did a little more trawling to repeat the experiments.

First I must point interested people at this great PDF document:
My previous post was probably a bit short of practical recipe related stuff!  Making ink is enormous fun, I love the whole heating and bubbling business, the mixing and stirring pastes and, best of all, adding liquids to other liquids and seeing colour changes bloom rapidly across the surface.    I made a small batch of brazilwood red ink and a medium size batch of Irongall ink and this time I had fantastic little bottles I bought from Lady Alays last year to bottle it all in.   I used gum arabic powder this time, degunging it from the sides of its jar into the mixture wasn’t quite as much work as I feared when I saw it happening first.    The plan is that anyone who wants to mess about with these medieval style inks can bring a bottle home from Scriptorium, so I *really* hope I got the recipes right!



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  1. I love reading these xx makes me feel like i am home….

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