Verily, I doth suck at this blogging lark..

So I am typing in this box to will myself to remember what it is I need to backfill.. Let me see, what have I done.. more cooking, more ink making, Scriptoriums with Mistress Melisende,  a very tiny amount of sewing,  more not-properly-successful attempts at casting a pewter seal matrix for the fun of it, some wood turning and pyrography with my dad, a really great day collecting seashells for holding and mixing paints in with the House of Green, lots of kitchen work and a day feast at Festival of Fools, Archery at Flaming Arrow and archery classes at Smouldering Arrow, scroll research, gilding and a lot of mulling over ideas for the ultra awesome challenge that is the A&S competition for Champions of Lough Devnaree this year.. Actually yes, let’s start with that and see if it inspires some action..  the challenge reads:

..this year will see not one, but eight Arts & Sciences competitions!
Inspired by the categories of the Drachenwald Kingdom Artisan competition (, I [current A&S Champion Lady Cassandra della Corona] invite submissions in the categories of Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Textile Arts, Performance, Martial Sciences, Decorative Sciences, Functional Sciences and Research Papers; where gentles may enter in as few or as many categories as their skills lean to. The winner of each of these categories shall receive a prize in keeping with the spirit of the Arts & Sciences Champion of Lough Devnaree.
The holder of the title of Champion will go to the gentle from this isle, who holds the highest average score across all of their submissions. If a person from without the isle claims a similarly high score, to them shall go the title of Guardian.                                        All scores shall be decided by judicial review, and to aid in this I ask that all entrants submit a summary of their piece no later than 28 August 2015.

Hmm, just as well I went to read that again, I had forgotten the by 28th August” bit, that really does concentrate the mind.    Given my previous work and natural tastes lets see what the categories are suggesting:

  • Culinary Arts – this includes brewing and subtleties, so my gut feeling is maybe entering some of the blackcurrant wine that should be aged pretty well for CoLD or maybe something in the sugarpaste line.
  • Fine Arts – this category includes stuff like Calligraphy, Games, Toys and Dolls, Heraldic Display, Illumination, Painting, Sculpture and Stained Glass (I like this section, not sure it’s quite ready to like me so much 🙂 )
  • Textile Arts – hmmmm.  Not so hot on the textile side of things though dyeing is included in this category.  We shall see.
  • Performance – oh dear..
  • Martial Sciences – hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah. Someday.  I do fancy blacksmithing something rotten, truth be told.
  • Decorative Sciences – Book Binding, Enameling, Glasswork, Jewelry All the stuff I’m ITCHING to get into.  I shall have to pick a project.
  •  Functional Sciences (like Ceramics and Pottery, chandlery, leatherwork, paper making, tents and woodwork) should be able to mange to make something to enter in the leatherworking or woodworking side of things, work allowing. 
  • Research Papers.. hmmmmmm I suck at blogging, haven’t studied for years, this one could be a challenge..

Suggestions on a postcard (comment!) always welcome!


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