So where was I..

There have been real life work projects.  They have been consuming ALL the time and head-space – stupidly so – to the point where my SCA life was pretty much shelved and reluctantly ignored for the past several months.  Things are starting to free up again so here I am (not completely out of the woods yet, but look! Aren’t those things trees?!)

The problem with a long period away is that it makes catch up blog posts more daunting than they probably need to be.  I’ll give a whistle stop tour so that I can start thinking of new  posts as less Herculean tasks.

The first is that at 12th Night Coronation of King Vitus and Queen Isabel in Ingestre Hall – a lovely 17th-century Jacobean mansion situated near Stafford in England – all kinds of awesome things happened including a very, very lovely ceremony making me Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter’s newest apprentice. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some new and absolutely lovely people from all over the Kingdom, including my apprentice brother Master Æiríkr inn Hárfagri, one of the original first three Masters of the Order of Defence in Drachenwald.   I confess a lot of the occasion is a wonderful blur –  I will have to come back to it after I get past my blog writer block and post separately, it deserves a bit more than a catch up post mention.   

There has been cooking.  I was head cook for Collegium, Glen Rathlin’s fencing event 4-6th March 2016.  As I am not a fencer and it was to be a small event I undertook to provide traveller’s fare, breakfast, lunch and feast with as many recipes from The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi as I could because I just love his recipes.  I think to make this easier I’ll make a few small posts about my favourite dishes from the weekend, but for now I have to say the *MOST enormous* thank you to Lady Alays de Lunel and Timothy of Eplaheimr for their help throughout the weekend – they were wonderful and amazing and deserving of a great many fantastic things, and of course to Lady Constanza of Thamesreach for sanity and assistance.   His majesty King Vitus said extremely kind things about my cooking and gave me a gorgeous box of spices at the event itself and then 2 beautiful veil pins at Festival of Fools.   I was also given the most gorgeous folding spoon by Lord Duncan Kerr – I am a happy cook 🙂

Regarding archery, Aodh and I came to an arrangement to swap bows so I could see if having a lighter poundage would help but I haven’t had a lot of chances to try it out yet, as I was minioning for the weekend at Flaming Arrow, but soon I hope!

There have been a few new scrolls, mostly I’m still having enormous trouble with precision, but I practice ever on.  I had the great pleasure of creating a scroll for Lady Sela’s induction into the Order of Robin, also at Flaming Arrow – that one was fun. I wanted something to reflect some of her great loves.  I chose wordsmithing and astronomy and worked on a scroll based on the 29th or Star-Shaped Diagram Of Poetic Metre, In James Nicholas of Denmark’s Poems written in 1363 in honour of Aymer of Valence, Earl of Pembroke (d.1324) (Shelfmark: Cotton MS Claudius A XIV,  f.23r) Lord Aodh provided the words – I needed every line to begin and end with M 

I really missed Lady Sela’s calligraphy skills on that one!  She and I continue to collaborate on projects – also for Flaming Arrow we worked together on a Fox for Viscountess Susannah (words also by Lady Sela) and the Winter Archery prize scroll

Last but not least is the fastest AoA I’ve ever done -calligraphy and illumination on this one – and it had to be handed out not quite finished as the assignmment came in very quickly after their Hignesses Pól and Caitriona took their thrones not even a week before last weekend’s event Festival of Fools – I need to add some gilt ivy leaf decoration around the edges and remove the pencil marks and the small gold blob that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  The recipient Christian, called the enabler,whose name is not nor never shall be Rupert seemed pleased – with thanks to Lord Aodh again for the wording.

Coming up in Part 2! The elevation of Master Baron Master Master Etienne ….

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