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I had two shared assignments for Ffair Rhaglen this year, both Silver Martlets for very deserving people.  The first was for Lord Duncan Chaucer with a specific request to include a peacock. My younger son aspires to dress as well as Lord Duncan does, and his hats are the stuff of legend.    Time constraints made me go for a simpler design than my originally intended one but I was pleased with end result.     The words and calligraphy – complete with mistake the good Lady as herald was able to work beautifully into the presentation – were by Lady Sela de la Rosa.  She also provided the same for the second, for Richard de Quintone. He joins the order primarily for his brewing skills, which, after trying some of his very refreshing small beer I can heartily attest to being excellent indeed.   In my head medieval depictions of brewers and brewing tend to be woodcuts.   I’ve been  looking to try and refine my fine lines and squiggles so I chose to try mixing up two extant images, one monochrome, structural looking Q and a woodcut style image of a brewer among his barrels.    The photograph is not a good one, I should have taken it at a proper angle, and the scroll itself wasn’t completely finalised and cleaned up .  In hindsight I think I should have added some gilding rather than leaving it the plain black.


(references for the original primary sources these are based on to follow, they’re in my notes elsewhere)

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  1. Aryanhwy says:

    I was so amused by Richard’s Silver Martlett, because I sent in a recommendation for him and that award the night before! As I told Caitriona, they must be the promptest royals ever, to receive a recommendation one day and grant it the next, all the while having arranged a scroll weeks in advance! 🙂

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