Who’s a fFraid of Lady Gytha?

Lady Gytha has discovered heavy fighting.  I mean obviously she knew it existed since we both went along to Champions of Lough Devnaree a couple of years back, but now she has *discovered* it in the sense that she is actively partaking in it and probably dreams about it morning, noon and night.  It’s awesome, there is something really cool about seeing people find their “thing” in the SCA and launch into it with a whole heart.  At Raglan fair she was pretty much fighting with brief interludes  to claim the fruit left over at the bottom of Baroness Ari Mala’s really excellent fruit gins.

Roll on a little while later and I am assigned a scroll to add the awesome Lady Gytha to the Order of fFraid at this year’s Champions of Lough Devnaree.  Our Principality Signet, the said and very esteemed Baroness, suggested Egerton 1146 in the Bodleian Library  in light of Gytha’s fruit picking proclivities.  Those of us who know Lady Gytha will be familiar with the running theme of “nunneries” associated with her, so I chose to add a couple of famous illuminated nuns.  I decided to keep the fighter motif for a future award 🙂

This was a project that really made me appreciate when I get to collaborate on scrolls with a better calligrapher.  In the end I ended up doing the end illumination first and thankfully managed to pull of a combat scribe situation on the day.

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