Coronet Tourney- post the first.

My thoughts about the recent Coronet come in two distinct flavours, so they will be split into two posts.  The first post, this one, is about the Coronet Tourney itself, since it was a bit special – the awesome Lady Gytha Ui Bhanain and Lord Aodh O’Siadhail were fighting in a Coronet Tourney for the first time.  For Gytha it’s been a whirlwind of not even a year getting armoured up and trained to this point, and she was fantastic, as I knew she would be.  She fights well with buckets of personality.   Clearly others think so too because at the same event she also formally became a student of Master Robert de Canterbury, a ceremony I saw most, but alas not all,  of, owing to my other adventures kitchening for feast.     Her account of the fighting is far better than mine could be, (I am not a fighter) so you should go read it here:  She also shows off her new shiny.   Lord Aodh displayed an excellent solid style with touches of deviousness, which is absolutely fitting for the consort fighting for Her Excellency, Baroness Ari Mala.  (He also was sporting a green tunic that I adore the colour of, and I keep meaning to ask him about, so this is my reminder)

It was also special because Lady Gytha did me the honour of asking me to be her consort, so I got to bask in her achievements a little bit.   There is something spine tingling (and face reddening, but I blush far too easily) about having a boast made about you.  Repeated here, with kind permission from our amazing herald, Agnes des Illes, whose words they are:
Your Majesty, Your Highnesses and those
Who’re here to marvel what is soon to come:
A virgin comes to claim her place in boasts.
Say God give grace to Gytha Ui Bhanain
Of holy orders, veil’d with joy and wine
Protected by a Bishop’s crook and sword.
Be not deceived! For when her blow lands high
And striketh true, her laughter proves her worth.
She brings here Órlaith Chaomhánach the Fair
Whose praise is sung by Kings of Dragonlands,
Ildánach by name, House Fitzwalter’s heir,
For here to make a Princess by her hands.
Behold! These two of noblest heart and truest strike:
These Isles of Wonder have ne’er seen their like.
(I could totally live with being called “Ildánach” (an Irish word for being skilled/accomplished in various arts))
The Tourney field was beautifully decked out, there was shade/raincover for the onlookers, roses for us lucky consorts and gorgeous treats – nuts, candied blueberries and Viscountess Susanah’s fantastic Peasecods, a personal favourite- passed around the crowd.
I had great plans to make a dress to mark the occasion etc, but mundane life has been a bit explodey lately with work commitments and surprisingly unco-operative health, so Gytha had to deal with my usual scruffy self.  She did with commendable grace and probably not a little resignation.
The Tourney was heroically fought by all, and in the end was a very, very close run thing between Lord Joel and Lord Yannick.  This was foreshadowed in the very first round by one of the most exhausting round bouts I have ever seen; had it been me I would have fallen over dead after that one fight.  Our new Prince, Yannick of Normandy,  triumphed at the last for our new Princess, Alana Utteritch

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