Casting about for tokens


Dun in Mara successfully bid to host Drachenwald Summer Coronation at Newgrange Lodge in June.  The event was a big success and I will write about it separately but yay for Lord Aodhán dhá Cheist for his event stewarding skills, Lord Jasper Rose for his highly successful minion wrangling, Lady Sela for excellent reservations wrestling and Lord Michéal for a fantastic feast (I especially loved the bags of peas, but everything was delicious)

My job was to cast tokens with a simple ring on them as an event token.    Given the location it could only really be the famous stone at Newgrange.  My first attempt I cast it as a horizontal stone with the ring on the top but, with some consultation, I scrapped that plan and went for the less accurate but more useful vertical alignment.

This was hugely fun, I really like casting.  My only issue was that I had the thin soapstone panels that I can get here in Ireland which are not especially useful if you want any manner of fine detail.  This was fine in that I was deliberately choosing a sort of “Neolithic smoothed rock” aesthetic, but I did want the spirals to be at least recognisable as what they were supposed to be.    I had two blocks Master Robert of Canterbury gave me at his excellent class at Kingdom University, these were much better quality and I thankfully managed to carve one reasonable mould ..and then accidentally wreak the other block.  I did get to use it for useful experiments for different sprues but ultimately I ended up using one of the thin pieces as a backing plate.  I wanted as clean a cast with little to no filing after I cast, so I cut the sprue mostly in the back plate and this worked really well for my needs.

Once I got the flow right (the attached photo shows progress after each tweak and before I added register pins, which I would add much earlier next time) I could cast a batch or two over a couple of evenings, cast and flip out the finished item, cast and flip, cast and flip until the temperature of the stone got too much for that batch.  I ended up with 130 of them to give to Aodhán and Sela. And some interesting miscasts.

If casting is your thing I highly recommend Master Robert’s pewtering webspace, PbSn3


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