Hello on the other (hopefully) side

I had to take some time out – for lots of reasons, some not good, some pretty great – and while  I have been still a bit involved in a pared back version of things SCA, I haven’t been truly with it for just about a year now.    I taught some classes, (glass bead making and pewter casting stand out most in immediate memory) cooked some food, helped out with some events, and late last year, with Lady Sela and web artificers team, rolled out the new look insulaedraconis website (http://www.insulaedracnois.org)   I then sort of ground to a halt when mundane work exploded into its circus tent of monkeys, and even though that’s now past and my health has generally improved and I’m having some difficulty plugging myself back in.

Mostly what I haven’t been doing is the A&S projects that I love and wanted to join in the first place to do.  There are at least a thousand things I want to research.  I  also have very definite plans for more web related stuff and I need to work on a backlog of projects.

One of the things I have decided is that I need to stop thinking I can’t blog about stuff I do until I know all the technical details and correct references before I start.  The way my brain works I will never get there, I will never know enough.  When I started the blog it was just to get things I was excited about down on paper for myself, I’m not quite sure when I started to feel I couldn’t blog about what I cooked for a feast unless I had every recipe finely researched and catalogued first.  Couldn’t I just say “oh tried this recipe, it was delicious, would probably tweak it this way next time” and call it a good one?   That’s what I used to do.  Blog does not equal submission papers. This a good article relating to a similar experience: https://www.sarasoueidan.com/desk/just-write/  (HT Aodh for passing on the link)

Currently I am researching trees and their place in medieval Irish life.  It’s *fantastic* and I’m finding it utterly fascinating, so I think rather than trying to write a whole paper straight off I’m going to post bits and pieces here, in bite size chunks.   I also need to go on an adventure to find fruiting walnut trees in Ireland – not as hard as I first feared – and finally make ink again.   I am going to cook for Thrust, Piva Riposte in October and I find I am genuinely interested in the research I’ve started into Ruperto de Nola’s “Libre del Coch” (late period Catalan recipes), the source I’m considering using this time. Experimental cooking research will recommence soon.

So yeah, this isn’t very interesting, but it serves as a “Hello World, again” post and hopefully better things will follow soon.

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  1. I have the same issue and I keep telling myself the same thing — “It’s just a blog post, just write a little!” Glad things have settled down enough for you to be back, and looking forward to your new research journey!

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